‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’ housemate force-evicted after joking that he would rape fellow contestant

Force-evicted housemate Banjo Dangalan. Photo: Screenshot from Pinoy Big Brother Otso video
Force-evicted housemate Banjo Dangalan. Photo: Screenshot from Pinoy Big Brother Otso video

Making rape jokes is never cool or funny.

Case in point: Pinoy Big Brother Otso (PBB Otso) contestant Banjo Dangalan who was force-evicted from the contest in an episode broadcast on Tuesday night because he joked that he wanted to rape one of his housemates.

PBB Otso is the Philippine franchise of the wildly successful global reality show Big Brother. This is the eighth main season of the show, and in this version, adults and teenagers are made to live together under one roof. The house they’re staying in was constructed opposite ABS-CBN, the media company which produces and broadcasts the show. The highlights of the show are aired at least once a day from Monday to Sunday.

Like in other editions, housemates have to answer to an omnipresent, faceless narrator who rules the house, named “Kuya” (Big Brother).

In Tuesday’s episode, Dangalan, 27, was told by Kuya that he didn’t like the joke that he made to one of the other contestants.

“Raping someone, in whatever context, should never be made into a joke,” Kuya told Dangalan in Filipino. “And I will never allow these type of jokes inside my house. It’s also clear that it’s written on my rule book that you are not allowed to say words here that are disrespectful to your co-housemates.”

Kuya then told Dangalan that he is evicted from the house, and told him to say goodbye to the other contestants. Dangalan was tearful during his sudden exit.

The joke that got Dangalan in hot water was one he told fellow contestant Gino Roque IV in front of other housemates while they were having breakfast. Speaking to the other housemates while referring to Roque, he said in Filipino: “I think it would feel wonderful to sleep next to him (Roque).”

Dangalan then spoke to one housemate and asked if they could switch beds, and said: “I will just rape this guy (Roque).”

Prior to his eviction, Dangalan was warned to stop sniffing the female contestants’ hair, which made the women uncomfortable.

Dangalan’s removal from the show drew different reactions from netizens. Some supported his removal, such as @citizenjaneph, who said that this should serve as a lesson for President Rodrigo Duterte, who often makes rape jokes during public speeches.

Duterte’s most recent rape joke was late last month when he joked that he is pardoning graduating Philippine Military cadets for committing rape.

Kuya was right in evicting Banjo. Hopefully the President and his supporters learn something from Kuya’s action. Rape jokes are never acceptable. https://t.co/U2t4GcCwxd

@lalapochipops said: “Banjo got forced eviction from kuya on PBB because of rape jokes. How about Duterte? Can we evict him as our president? This is unfair. Just because you are in a high position [doesn’t mean] you can do or joke things you don’t want to happen [to the women and men] in the country. What kind of hypocrisy is this.”

@ynnadelfin asked: “If PBB can evict a housemate for making rape jokes, why can’t we do the same for our President?”

But there are netizens who reacted negatively to Dangalan’s eviction. Over on Facebook, a netizen named Carpio Meng felt that Duterte was being alluded to when Dangalan was removed from the house.

“You used children and the program to ruin the president, no? You’re so good, ABS-CBN. But those kissing near the pool are okay to you? That’s sleazy. You’re so good.”

This, even though there was no mention of Duterte during Dangalan’s eviction notice.

Duterte is known for openly disliking ABS-CBN, whom he accused of refusing to air his campaign ads in 2016. He has often threatened the company that he would not sign their franchise renewal once their license expires in 2020.

Photo: PBB Otso
Photo: PBB Otso

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