Person pisses off gay nightclub for asking if they have HIV+ people in their establishment

Nectar Nightclub is not happy, and rightly so. Photo via the club’s Facebook account.
Nectar Nightclub is not happy, and rightly so. Photo via the club’s Facebook account.

Just when you think Philippine society has made progress, things like this happen.

Yesterday, Nectar Nightclub, a gay nightclub located in Taguig City, posted a screenshot of what they described as a “very disturbing message” that their Facebook account received from a prospective customer.

The person, presumably a woman, asked them: “Is it safe here? Because my friend will celebrate her bachelorette party.”

Nectar sent this reply: “What do you mean safe?”

The woman replied: “I do respect [the] lgbt community. But I’m worried about hiv infection. Because a lot of gay (sic) nowadays are vulnerable to hiv. I’m just worried that a lot of gays coming (sic) there has hiv. No disrespect and I’m sorry.”

Looks like somebody needs to get educated.

Naturally, Nectar’s representative was pissed.

“We advise you to read a little more about hiv before you infect our club with your stupidity. That’s more contagious. Take your bachelorette party to a straight club. Your business is not welcome at Nectar,” wrote the club.

In the accompanying caption to the post, which has been shared more than 1,200 times, Nectar delved deeper into their outrage.

Referring to the messenger, they wrote: “Their ignorance about HIV was appalling and the audacious and [the] casual tempo of thier (sic) shrieking insult to celebrate a party of marriage in one of our clubs when we ourselves don’t have the right to marry the person we love (here in The Philippines) was down right (sic) straight-privilege nonsense.”

Nectar mentioned that in the two years that the club has been open, there was only one violent incident which was allegedly perpetrated by a straight man.

“A Nectar gogo boy was attacked by the boyfriend of a straight female bachelorette party attendee who was voluntarily getting a lap-dance [from the gogo boy],” wrote Nectar. “Our employee was punched in the head a total of fifteen times, rushed to the hospital and suffered a severe (grade 3) concussion. We were gay bashed in our own home! And you are asking us about your safety?”

Naturally, Nectar’s fans and customers were outraged by the message that the club received.

Facebook user Christian Abo suggested a more appropriate venue: “Such ignorance. She should have the bachelorette party at [J]ollibee.”

Robin Magdangal called the person a “moron.”

Carlo Dela Fuente used it as an opportunity to point out that many heterosexuals (at least in the Philippines) refuse to be educated about HIV, believing that the virus does not affect them.

Valerie de Veas suggested something to the messenger: “Sister, take some iodized salt so you can be smarter.”

Coconuts Manila has gotten in touch with Nectar for comment but they declined to be interviewed.

However, they responded that they have posted a follow-up statement on their Facebook page, which reads: “We stand firm in our response and we will continue to stand next to and in front of our community as protectors and trailblazers of our right to exist. We will continue to create a safe and accepting party environment for everyone who walks through Nectar’s doors.”

What are your thoughts about this issue? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @CoconutsManila.

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