One barber gets a haircut request very, very wrong

From the picture that Edmar showed the barber, it looked like he simply wanted a low fade.

What he got, however, was a “runway” cut through where his hair parts.

He ranted about the barbershop on Facebook in Filipino: “Thank you Reyes Hair Company International Inc for the haircut that you gave me. It’s always been my dream to be a pilot so I appreciate the runway you created on my head. On the right is the picture i showed to the barber for reference of what I wanted. On the left is what I actually got. I feel like I don’t want to leave the house.”

The May 17 post has over 16,000 shares as of posting time.

While the thousands of commenters found the post funny, we seriously hope that Edmar got some serious justice for having to deal with his nightmare haircut.

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