‘Kita Kita’ beats ‘Heneral Luna’ as Philippines’ highest grossing indie film

Photo from ABS-CBN.

The general has been dethroned.

Indie sleeper hit Kita Kita is now the highest grossing independent film since it reached the PHP300 million (USD6 million) in three weeks, Tuesday, beating out 2015’s Heneral Luna.

The period drama about Filipino general, Antonio Luna reached PHP257 million in the box-office and had a budget of PHP80 million. Romantic comedy Kita Kita’s budget was 1/8 of that at PHP10 million.

Kita Kita’s success comes even amidst rampant piracy. Copies of the entire film have been circulating online, an issue the producers of the film addressed last week.

This is the first time a locally produced independent film earned PHP300 million. Apart from Kita Kita, only 16 other local movies, all produced by major studios, achieved the same box-office success.

Kita Kita is set in Sapporo, Japan, and tells the story of Lea (Alessandra de Rossi), who becomes temporarily blind after learning that her Japanese boyfriend cheated on her. She meets Tonyo (Empoy Marquez) and the two develop a close relationship.

With reports from ABS-CBN.

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