‘Imagine You And Me’ is exactly the movie that Aldub fans have been waiting for

In Imagine You and Me, love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza ditch their Kalye-serye split-screen personas for a romantic movie set in breathtaking Como, Italy.

Alden plays a lonely and heartbroken medical student seeking closure, while Maine is a hopeless romantic and no-boyfriend-since-birth OFW.

Fans of the #AlDub love team need not worry, however. Even if they are playing different roles in this movie, the couple’s signature pabebe wave make cameo appearances, and at least one scene is dedicated to Maine and her lip-syncing talent.

Even Alden’s dimples get exposure.

What Imagine You and Me has got going is a wholesome, easy-to-swallow, uncomplicated storyline that will entertain viewers and keep them laughing, or crying, throughout the movie.

Between the two stars, Alden is the one that doesn’t need to open his mouth. His portrayal of Andrew is enough to carry a two-hour silent movie, which Imagine Me And You is far from becoming, thanks to Gara, the garrulous character played by Maine.

She likes to gossip and fills the screen with exaggerated facial expressions as she trails behind Andrew through the streets of Como. Her unflagging optimism about finding a soulmate is the highlight of her character. “Delayed lang flight niya o baka natagalan lang sa Customs,” she cracks.

The shots of Como are spectacular, especially in the scenes where the two bike around the town on the pebble-wash pavements surrounded by gardens.

Imagine You and Me is a feel-good movie that anyone can enjoy, and it will leave Aldub fans wanting more in the end.

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