‘I will trace you’: Fed up actress Angel Locsin threatens to track down Twitter troll

<i>Photo: Angel Locsin / IG</i>
Photo: Angel Locsin / IG

Been having a bad week? Actress Angel Locsin appears to be having one, too.

At least that’s as much as can be gleaned after she threatened to track down a user who’s been trolling and flooding her Twitter page after she spoke out on the issue of ABS-CBN being targeted by the government.

Locsin warned the troll, “Let me give you a heads up, if you don’t stop flooding my page with nonsense, I will trace you and tap [reach out to] your employer, your family, anything. So please just stop. Thank you.”

The trouble between Locsin and the troll started a few days ago when the ABS-CBN star took a swipe at government officials in her Instagram stories, which she addressed to no one in particular. The actress-philanthropist urged officials to focus on a slew of other important issues, instead of prioritizing, among other things, the anti-terror bill, which, if signed by President Rodrigo Duterte into law, could lead to human rights violations.

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“Make sure you have plans for the many workers and business owners who lost their income. You had so much time to focus on ABS-CBN, prioritize the renaming of the [Ninoy Aquino International] Airport, [the] anti-terrorist bill,” Locsin said.

“But what we need is to hear a plan about COVID and its frontliners, plans on education, on how to educate the poor who have no internet…livelihoods of people who lost their jobs, what about traditional jeepney drivers?” The actress railed on, about the problems Filipinos are facing during the pandemic.

On the day that Locsin issued her rant, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the state regulator, decided to shut down Sky Direct and TV Plus, platforms which the embattled media giant’s shows previously aired.

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A user by the name of Tio Moreno, using the handle @Ciama28, responded to Locsin’s complaints by saying, “Have you heard about the House Bill (HB) No. 6815 or the Accelerated Recovery and Investments Stimulus for the Economy of the Philippines (ARISE Philippines)?”

Moreno claimed that the bill should have been passed if the government didn’t have their hands full with ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal hearings. The bill, which was already approved by the House of Representatives early last month allots a PHP1.3 trillion (US$26 million) stimulus package which aims to help the country’s economy recover from the effects of the pandemic in the next four years.

To which Locsin sarcastically clapped back, “Yes. If this is such an important bill, it should be prioritized then. Instead of focusing on shutting down [ABS-CBN] & cutting the life support of the people relying on it, giving support to the economic needs of the people should be prioritize[d]. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Instead of being placated, Moreno mentioned other proposed laws that Congress should be deliberating on while continuing to defend the government and criticize ABS-CBN and Locsin.

After the actress pulled the plug on the argument and issued her I-will-track-you-down ultimatum, Moreno complained that her threat was “barbaric” and something that was only done by felons.

“Threatening to silence a person for the sole reason of his differing viewpoints from yours isn’t a civil & diplomatic way to change the way he looks at things, but is instead a barbaric form of getting your way on him which is only done by felons,” Moreno said.

The ABS-CBN star shot back, “Would gladly exchange views with a person who’s not hiding in a fake account. If you truly believe in what you’re saying, why be afraid and hide? Bye, time to enjoy my day. Have a good one too.”

Back in May, the 35-year-old actress also spoke out at one of ABS-CBN’s perhaps most known critics, Solicitor General Jose Calida, who threatened to file graft charges against the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) if they chose to grant the network a temporary license to operate after the company’s license expired. The move led the NTC to issue a stop broadcast order on the network on May 5.

This led Locsin to appeal to NTC and Calida, saying that he should re-evaluate his actions or risk being “remembered as the man who killed ABS-CBN.”



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