‘I was lied to’: Vlogger Crisha Uy talks about ex-boyfriend Joem Bascon’s new relationship

Joem Bascon with current partner Meryll Soriano. Bascon’s ex-girlfriend Crisha Uy. Photos: Soriano/IG; Uy/IG
Joem Bascon with current partner Meryll Soriano. Bascon’s ex-girlfriend Crisha Uy. Photos: Soriano/IG; Uy/IG

Influencer Crisha Uy spoke up last night about her ex-boyfriend Joem Bascon, saying that she had long known about his relationship with his current partner, actress Meryll Soriano.

Uy and Bascon were together for eight years until they broke up their engagement in 2019. Rumors swirled that the actor dumped the vlogger to reconcile with Soriano, whom he dated in 2009 until the actress had to leave the Philippines to study overseas.

The speculations were put to rest after Soriano posted several photos of her, Bascon, and their new baby on social media a few days after New Year. This prompted the local showbiz press to write a flurry of articles announcing the birth of Bascon and Soriano’s baby.

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Uy said that she was tagged in some of the articles and posts about the couple.

“I thought it was an early birthday greeting. Turns out it was big news!” she said.

“I knew about their relationship…long way before those were uploaded,” she said about Soriano and Bascon’s family photos, adding that it was her friends and fans who had told her about the two.

She admitted that she became enraged when she read about her boyfriend’s new relationship.

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“I got mad because the feelings of betrayal returned all over again. The feeling of seeing it versus hearing about it is different…[but] I have moved on,” she said.

“Finally, finally I can confirm that he lied back then. I was lied to because I gave them the benefit of doubt! It was a slap on the face seeing those. I felt like I was slapped and my suspicions turned out to be true,” she said.

Uy became viral in January 2020 when she uploaded an emotional video where she spoke up about her breakup with Bascon. She said that Bascon had to leave their relationship because he “fell out of love.”

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