Fil-Am YouTuber Wil Dasovich in the US to undergo medical treatments

Photo from ABS-CBN.

In a video posted Sunday, YouTuber, Vlogsquad member, and ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Wil Dasovich said he is in the United States to undergo medical treatment.

The Filipino-American is back in his hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area to meet with some doctors about an illness he has been suffering from since the beginning of the year.

In the video, Dasovich explained that there is a parasite in his body that he may have contracted from contaminated food or water. He consulted with two doctors in the Philippines but the treatments they prescribed were ineffective.

“I just continued to have internal bleeding all the time,” he said. Dasovich also mentioned that he has lost 7 lbs. in just the last couple of months.

He is in the U.S. to undergo further tests and treatments but said that he will continue to vlog and update his YouTube channel. “One of my, my older themes of my vlog was no matter the situation, there’s always a way to have fun,” Dasovich said.

Other members of the Vlogsquad, Daniel Marsh, Jako de Leon, and Wil’s sister, Haley Dasovich are also in the U.S. Dasovich’s latest video shows the gang on a night out in San Francisco.

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