Fans are angry the internet is feasting on Moira de la Torre’s and Jason Hernandez’s separation

 Fans are angry the internet is feasting on Moira de la Torre’s and Jason Hernandez’s separation after three years of marriage. Image: @jasonmarvinph (Instagram)
Fans are angry the internet is feasting on Moira de la Torre’s and Jason Hernandez’s separation after three years of marriage. Image: @jasonmarvinph (Instagram)

The irony is not lost on the internet that acclaimed singer-songwriter Moira de la Torre, best known for her sad acoustic songs about heartbreak, is now the subject of a very public breakup from her husband (and frequent collaborator) Jason Marvin Hernandez after three years of marriage.

The couple has earned a legion of fans for not only making sweet music together but for their displays of Christ-centric values in their relationship — making them a hit among the country’s majority Christian population. The music video of their song Ikaw at Ako (You and Me), which also features snippets from their highly publicized wedding, has about 29 million views on YouTube.

Social media exploded after Jason admitted that he had been unfaithful during their marriage.

“This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. But since you guys have been with us from the start, it is only right that you hear this straight from me,” Jason wrote on his page.

“Three years ago, I married my best friend with the intent of spending the rest of my life with her. Though my love for her has always been genuine, a few months ago, I confessed to Moira that I have been unfaithful to her during our marriage. I believe that she deserved to know the truth rather than continue down a “peaceful” but dishonest path. I take full responsibility and I’m doing my best to be better. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry for everyone I hurt. Especially Moi.”

As gossip sites emerged with blind items on what exactly caused the breakup (one implied that he had gotten another girl pregnant while notorious social media personality Xian Gaza alleged that Jason had an affair with a man) and people began clamoring for 10-minute versions of Moira’s heartrending hits (such as her multiplatinum-certified song Malaya) Taylor Swift-style, some fans began to hit back at the internet’s apparent insensitivity about the matter.

One posited an “unpopular opinion” saying the public needed to be more sensitive about the breakup. “Getting cheated on and having your life dragged to the public is traumatic. Moira is in pain, and we shouldn’t be making tea or jokes about some 10-minute version songs.”

“Can people stop saying, ‘Get ready, Moira’s about to make you cry some more with her songs’? Like bitch the girl just got cheated on, broke her marriage off and you think about her songs hurting you when she’s the one hurting??? Can you be a decent human being and wish her well first???”

Starting out as a commercial jingle artist, Moira rose to fame as a finalist on The Voice Philippines in 2013 before releasing her breakthrough single in which she covered Moonstar88’s Torete for the ABS-CBN film Love You to the Stars and Back. Her first album, Malaya, was released in 2018 and was certified platinum eight times.

In 2021, Moira was named the most followed Filipino artist on Spotify.

Fans know that Moira and Jason identify as devout Christians, and reportedly started off as best friends before their friendship turned romantic in 2017. They married in a celebrity-studded garden wedding ceremony in Tagaytay in 2019.

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