Erich Gonzales decides not to go on coffee date with ‘billboard guy’

‘Coffee billboard’ guy Xian Gaza and actress Erich Gonzales. Screengrab from Instagram

Erich Gonzales won’t be meeting with Xian Gaza, the young businessman who rented a billboard along the busy streets of Morayta, Manila, to ask her for a coffee date.

In an interview on Sunday, Gonzales shared how she came to that decision after learning of Gaza’s effort to catch her attention.

“To be honest, regarding that issue, at first, just like you guys, I was surprised. I appreciated the effort. As things unfolded, the exposés about him came out.  Personally, I appreciate all of the things my fans do for me, big or small,” she said.

Gonzales, however, began to feel uncomfortable when Gaza started posting long messages on social media.

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“I became uncomfortable. After talking to my family and closest friends, I decided not to meet him,” she said.

Coffee Date? Young CEO asks actress on coffee date through a billboard. Screengrab from Instagram

After the billboard stunt went viral, the self-identified CEO’s dirty laundry went viral right along with it. Aside from pointing out that his attempt at a grand gesture was a creepy form of emotional blackmail, myriad otheraccusations surfaced on Facebook from people claiming to have been scammed by Gaza in the past.

Gonzales said aside from the social media exposés, those who want to get her attention “don’t have to do anything grand.”

Asked if she is finally ready to be in a relationship again after her recent breakup with fellow actor Daniel Matsunaga, Gonzales said: “Some guys have been trying to court me, but for now, I’m not interested. Maybe in 10 years. I told myself let’s just focus on me for now, and other important things, like my family.”

While the actress said she’s inspired, it’s not because of any guy.

“Right now, there are so many other reasons to be grateful,” she said.

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