Ellen DeGeneres gives brand new car to Filipino-American nurse

Filipino-American nurse Flor Maylyn Roz’s reaction upon seeing her new car. Screenshot from Ellen.
Filipino-American nurse Flor Maylyn Roz’s reaction upon seeing her new car. Screenshot from Ellen.

Filipino nurses are the best in the world and in the talk show Ellen, one of them gets the surprise of her life when host Ellen DeGeneres gives her a brand new car.

In an episode uploaded yesterday, viewers meet the Los Angeles-based Flor Maylyn Roz, a nurse who has had to take Uber rides after a bout with the coronavirus left her cash-strapped.

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The Filipino-American said she decided to be a nurse because she “love[s] helping people.” She added that the coronavirus pandemic “has changed everything,” and she couldn’t go home to her family because they might get infected.

“People who are sick, since they cannot be visited by their families, I will be the one who’s gonna be by their side, and let them know that there’s this person who loves them,” she said.

“It’s just heartbreaking not to see your family, but I can’t do anything but to be strong for them,” Roz added.

Shortly after the interview, DeGeneres drives up to Roz’s driveway and tells the nurse she’s getting a car, a brand new white Hyundai Palisade. A tearful Roz could only scream in delight.

“No more Ubers for you,” DeGeneres told the tearful nurse. “Just remember how much we love you and appreciate you. When you’re exhausted and when there are times when you can barely go on anymore, just remember how many people love you and how many people are so grateful for you.”

Roz was born and raised in Iligan City and immigrated to the United States with her mother.

Countries all over the world are facing a nursing shortage due to the pandemic, and the Philippine government has said that many of them wish to hire Filipino nurses. The Duterte administration announced on Tuesday that it had lifted the deployment ban on all nurses, nursing aides, and assistants, which became effective immediately.

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