‘Don’t let anyone disrespect you in your own country’: Alex Gonzaga shares incident involving rude Korean

Filipino actress, host, and endorser Alex Gonzaga. PHOTOS: Instagram/Alex Gonzaga

Filipinos are known for being hospitable, but you gotta know where to draw the line.

Filipina actress Alex Gonzaga wasn’t having any of one restaurant manager’s ‘attitude’ at a recent incident she tweeted about.

While dining in a Korean restaurant last week, Gonzaga said she asked a waiter to change their beef belly order with less fat,. Moments later, the Korean “manager/owner started attacking our table.”

“She kept on shouting at us while explaining that they can’t do that,” Gonzaga Tweeted.

Gonzaga then said she told the manager this: “She should not be rude to any customers, especially when she’s in the Philippines because we are all hospitable and caring to everyone here. It’s because of us why they have their business and they are earning.”

Lesson? “Don’t let anyone, especially foreigners, disrespect you in your own country.”

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