Ashley Gosiengfiao’s tarot reading reveals what may happen to the Philippines during Bongbong’s presidency

Gamer, content creator, and fortune-teller Ashley Gosiengfiao did a tarot reading on the Philippines’ future under a Marcos presidency. Images: Bongbong Marcos (Facebook) / Ashley Gosiengfiao (Instagram)
Gamer, content creator, and fortune-teller Ashley Gosiengfiao did a tarot reading on the Philippines’ future under a Marcos presidency. Images: Bongbong Marcos (Facebook) / Ashley Gosiengfiao (Instagram)

May has been pivotal for the Philippines after the elections concluded, with Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., son and namesake of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., being proclaimed the country’s next president while his running mate, Davao City mayor Sara Duterte, clinched the vice-presidential seat.

Many people are worried and wondering about how their administration will run the country. Well, Ashley Gosiengfiao may have some answers. In addition to being a popular content creator and gamer, she’s also one of the Philippines’ most famous fortune-tellers and she has consulted the cards to see what the future holds for the Philippines under a Bongbong Marcos presidency.

ICYMI, Ashley, who got certified at a tarot institution, also consulted the cards last year about what would happen to the Philippines if any of the major presidential candidates were to win.

Explaining the reason for her latest reading, Ashley said, “I know I can help in sharing comfort to those who so desperately need it.”

For skeptics, Ashley issues a disclaimer: “If you are not a believer of the tarot and divination, I am not in any way forcing you to be. This post is merely intended for those that already are, especially for those who had already begun to lose hope for our country.”

Ashley did two readings on the country’s future: first on what lies ahead in the coming months, and second on what will happen in the next six years — the entire length of Marcos Jr’s presidency.

In the coming months, Ashley said, “Many will find themselves at a crossroads & will question their choices. Many will not be able to move on from devastation, and many will also decide to leave. Dictatorship, abuse of authority, and taking from the less fortunate. It will be a time of immense hardship. In turn, a new fire shall be ignited.

As to what will happen in the next six years, Ashley seemed to interpret a more positive outcome.

“An epiphany will be arrived at that will create a deep, monumental change at a societal level. Remembrance of the past, and breaking free from limits. Turning away from the past to focus on the future.”

She adds that “idealized memories will crumble in the face of harsh reality. Queen of Cups = Compassionate Queen. The nation will find its way. Rebirth and renewal.”

While it may be easy to find solace in Ashley’s reading, the content creator reminded fans that no future is set in stone, despite what the reading says.

In September, Ashley did a reading on the Philippines’ possible post-election future depending on which of the presidential candidates emerged victorious. For Marcos Jr., The tarot reader pulled 4 of Cups, 2 of Swords, and Wheel of Fortune (reversed) revealing bad luck, karma, and complacency.

While that may feel like an eerily accurate prediction, it’s best to take tarot readings and other forms of fortune-telling with a grain of salt. The only way to truly know what the future holds is to wait for it to come about.

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