Survey says: Filipinos appreciate international cuisine more than any other nationality

Photo: Rachel Park/Unsplash
Photo: Rachel Park/Unsplash

A study conducted by a global market research firm has shown that Filipinos are so into international cuisine that, compared to the other nationalities surveyed, we’re the most appreciative of food from around the world.

The study was done by the London-based firm YouGov and was released earlier this week.

Conducted from May to December 2018, it showed the food preferences of 25,000 people across 24 countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. It showed that an average of 67 percent of Filipinos liked any given cuisine, which suggests that we’re notably open-minded when it comes to food.

YouGov’s study also showed that among all nationalities, Filipinos are the biggest fans of American cuisine. 93 percent of Pinoys said they liked it, slightly higher than the 91 percent of Americans who said they liked their own cuisine.

Sadly, the survey results also suggest that Filipino cuisine is under-appreciated by other nationalities. Only Filipinos liked it tremendously, with 97 percent of Pinoy respondents saying they liked it.

In other places, the percentage of people who enjoyed eating Pinoy food is small: In Japan, only 21 percent of those who’ve eaten it liked it; in Italy, 25 percent; Spain, 26 percent; Germany, 38 percent; and Great Britain, 29 percent.

The highest number of people saying they like Filipino cuisine — other than those living in the Philippines — are respondents from Australia, 56 percent of whom said they liked our food.

Overall, Filipino cuisine received a dismal 36 percent in terms of popularity, making it the fourth least popular cuisine surveyed.

Sniff. Someone give these people lechon.

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