Step aside, $299 bilao. Amber shows Pottery Barn how it should be done

Look, it’s on sale! (
Look, it’s on sale! (

It’s been less than two weeks since Pottery Barn’s “bamboo wall art” trended on social media, as Filipinos noted the hefty US$299 price tag on what is the humble market bilao.

Well, good news, bilao friends. Not only is the Pottery Barn wall decor on sale (a steal at US$239), but Amber — full name Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants — has just reminded us that you can have the very same thing, but full of no less than eight kinds of pancit. All that for not even a tenth of Pottery Barn’s sad, empty offering.

So from Philippine markets to Pottery Barn’s overseas stores, and then back to our restaurants —you could say the bilao has come…full circle.



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