Spice it up: Potato Corner releases new chili cheese flavored French fries

Photo: Potato Corner/FB
Photo: Potato Corner/FB

Potato Corner, the ever-familiar green kiosk that sells French fries in Philippine malls, announced a new flavor today: Chili Cheese fries.

It says in its Facebook post: “HEY THERE, HOT STUFF! 🔥 Here’s something new to spice up your life – the NEW #PCChiliCheesefries!”

French fries fans can try out the new offering in over 320 selected branches. It’s priced at PHP29 (US$0.56) for a Regular tub; PHP48 (US$0.93) for a Large tub; PHP79 (US$1.53) for a Jumbo tub; PHP99 (US$1.92) for a Mega tub; PHP169 (US$3.27) for a Giga tub; and PHP199 (US$3.85) for a Tera tub.

Potato Corner’s fries are a popular mid-afternoon snack across the country, and its affordably priced, quick and convenient signature offering — french fries in all kinds of classic and less conventional seasonings — has created a dedicated cult following for the brand. People have even gone nuts over creating memes for their fries.

In October, Potato Corner also launched a phone app game called Potato Corner Craze where users can earn in-game points to pay for fries IRL. However, it is no longer on the Apple AppStore and GooglePlay, as of this article’s posting.

Potato Corner opened its first stall in the Philippines in 1992. Today, it is found all over the country and is in virtually every major mall. It has also since expanded to the United States, Indonesia, Panama, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Kuwait.

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