Souping: The less intense form of cleansing

A picture of a bowl of soup we found on the internet. Unlikely the same soup used by the suspect in his alleged attempt to poison his mother
A picture of a bowl of soup we found on the internet. Unlikely the same soup used by the suspect in his alleged attempt to poison his mother

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Remember when juicing was all the rage? Yeah, that didn’t last long. Three days of taking nothing but juices in the name of cleansing and ultimately of losing weight was, ironically, a little too much.

“We realized that although our market appreciates and acknowledges the need for detoxification, juicing does not go down easy for everyone,” admits Bibet Papa of juicing company, Juice Jab.

Enter souping, an easier alternative to juicing.

At its core, souping is like juicing in that, it is still a liquid diet. You’re not allowed to have anything but soup in the recommended three-five days.

But unlike juicing, it proves waaay easier for your mind and your body. It’s warm for one, so your stomach will most definitely appreciate it.

Besides, soups can take the form of a thick hearty stew, with pasta noodles, chunks of meat and pieces of vegetable, so it doesn’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. In fact, you can most probably trick your mind into believing that you are still eating.

Juice Jab thought of putting the two cleansing programs together in one that they like to call Soup Pairs. “It’s basically a weight loss program but it also promotes detoxification,” says Papa. It’s calorie-counted and designed in such a way that you get the most in terms of nutrients and flavor, from both the juice and the soup.

There are three calorie-intake choices: the 1,200kcal/day (PHP750), 1,500kcal/day (PHP810), and 1,800kcal/day (PHP870).

We tried the 1,200 kcal Sour Pairs for three days and allow us to tell you: it’s so not bad. In fact, it’s very, very doable. The meals are delivered on a daily basis, and comes in a microvable plastic container, labeled accordingly. Pro-tip: Unless you’re fine with having cold soup in the botoom, microwave for one full minute.


The Soup Pairs don’t feel like punishment, and neither do they feel like deprivation. The soups are mostly hearty and filling and together with the juices (plus several glasses of water in between), can last you up to your next meal.

Our favorites have got to be our first meal on our first day — Creamy Pomodoro with the Quartz Beat juice (melon, orange and romaine) — and our first meal on the last day —Pumpkin and Carrot with the Jade Jab juice — because both felt like a complete meal. The Creamy Pomodoro had vegetable chunks and pasta shells, while the Pumpkin and Carrot had bacon. The juices, meanwhile, are all very refreshing.

On meals where the soup was a clear broth (like Onion and Thyme on our last meal on our first day and Chicken Noodle Soup on our second meal on our last day), we decided to play the combo up a bit. Instead of drinking the juices with the soups, we reserved them for when we got hungry later on. Because with the clear broth, we were certain we’d get hungry. And we did. Turns out, it was a good idea that helped us go from one meal to the next, without cheating.

While weight-loss is the general goal of Soup Pairs, we’re happy to report that we also experienced excellent detoxification action, too. As in; better movement of the bowels, which is of course always a good thing.

Of course, if you’re feeling hardcore, you can also opt to do the soup program, which Juice Jab also offers. But if you ask us, the Soup Pairs isn’t all that bad at all. You get the detoxification as added plus to your original goal of losing weight.

In fact, we may just do it again, when Christmas and its subsequent parties are nearer and weight loss is of utmost importance.

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