Just opened: 8Cuts in UP Town Center

When it comes to burgers, why fix what ain’t broke?

We totally understand the need to reinvent the patty, but a burger topped with pineapple, really? (Sorry, Aloha Burger fans.) Burgers that use pancakes as buns? (Sorry, Burger Project). Rice burgers? (Sorry. Sango!)

That’s why we’re glad there’s a new 85-seater burger joint whose only gimmick is going back to the beefy basics.

Enter 8Cuts, a month-old restaurant at UP Town Center in Katipunan. Like its sister restaurant (Burger Bar in Greenbelt), 8Cuts serves burgers based on the cuts of meat that go into the patty.

Burger Bar offers six cuts, while 8Cuts has, well, two more to choose from: Oxtail and Flank.

Each patty is made up of two to three different cuts of meat blended together (“burger blend”), creating a solid beef experience. There are “no binders to make the patties stick [together]. It’s pure 100% natural all beef goodness,” says Abba Napa, one of the owners. 

This means that with the high probability of patties crumbling, you’ll have a sloppily fun experience.

You start the 8Cuts experience by sitting on your table and giving the waiter your “burger blend” (there are five to choose from), and then you pick a bun (sesame, brioche or kaiser).

It can get confusing, especially when all you want to do is sink your teeth into a burger, so 8Cuts, bless their considerate souls, has a flow chart to help diners decide. It’s almost DIY, but if you want it easy, just turn the menu page to Tributes and pick from the ready-to-order patties like the Double Cheeseburger (PHP285).

Vegetarians won’t feel left out. There’s The Mushroom and Rice Burger (PHP225), a blend of shitake and button mushrooms and brown rice, plus a slather of Dijon mustard and a whole lot of veggies.

There’s also starters, salad, pasta, and a whole lot of sides to choose from. To drink: craft beers, milkshakes, and wine. The menu is pretty long, offering something for everyone. A good move, as with a university area like Katipunan, customers move in large herds like barkadas and families. 


What’s the beef: Steak cut blend of sirlion and chuck with bleu cheese crumble, caramelized onions, Iloilo Rossa greens on a brioche bun

What’s the beef: House-ground lamb shoulder patty with feta cheese, harissa, sliced cucumber, yogurt, and pickled red onions

What’s the beef: A quarter pounder Big Game blend with cheddar, crispy prosciutto, arugula, and fried egg

What’s the beef: Mustard-fried quarter pounder steak cut blend of sirlion and chuck with oyster mushroom tempura, white truffle cream cheese and sautéed mushroom  

What’s the beef: Perfect with “a nice cold beer, or if I feel like living on the edge, a chocolate truggle caked shake,” says Napa shares.   

What’s the beef: The most underrated, says Napa, is “our fried wings! We always wonder why no one has picked up on them.”

8Cuts, 2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City; tel no +63 917 8182139. Daily 11am-11pm. Facebook. 


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