Epilogue: ‘European dining with Asian sensibilities’

Epilogue is located on the ground floor of S Maison. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Offering European dining with Asian sensibilities, Epilogue at the S Maison, the luxurious mall of Conrad Manila, serves continental cuisine with Japanese touches, fusion without going overboard.

The restaurant is helmed by Japanese chefs with various expertise. Kenji Ishihara from Monologue in Jakarta and Tomohide Ono are both Asian- and Japanese-style bread and pastries savants; executive chef Hayato Mitsuhasi brings Japanese precision to Italian cuisine; while chef Minoru Sorimachi is a master of steak and teppanyaki.

Chefs Minoru Sorimachi, Hayato Mitsuhasi, and Tomohide Ono. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Dimmed lighting creates an understated elegance, while brick walls provide warmth in Epilogue where one can bring a business colleague out for lunch, or have a quiet meal with a glass of wine or two.

A lighted bar in red — the colors can change from time to time — gives a dramatic focal point, while bright open kitchen provides patrons with a framed view of quiet precision.

The sleek interiors of Epilogue. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra
The bar serves as a dramatic focal point. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra
The bar serves as a dramatic focal point. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Epilogue’s menu is wittily divided into preface (soups and salads), foreword (pizza), introduction (appetizers) chapter and verse (mains), dedication (pasta), and finally, afterword (dessert). And as tasting menus are gaining momentum here in the Philippines, Epilogue also offers a four-course tasting menu that includes your choice of two starters, main course, and dessert.

Start your meal with Ishihara’s tasty bread creations.

(Clockwise from left) Carrot Bread, Red Wine Bread, Tomato and Cheese Bread, and Brackberry Brioche. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Favorites include the Red Wine Bread with a cream cheese center, which had the barest taste of red wine but had the best texture — very soft and chewy; and the full-flavored Tomato Cheese Bread with every bite tasting as advertised (one can easily envision eating a piece as a quick breakfast snack).

Take note that these breads can be bought at the pastry counter near the entrance of the restaurant.
Foreword, we go! Edamame on a pizza was a novel experience, giving you a bite full of umami with other toppings like mushrooms and wagyu beef.

Wagyu Pizza. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Feeling like a pizza and pasta combination? You won’t regret ordering the Hayato’s Special, freshly made homemade gnocchi by Mituhasi — light and pillowy in a light-handed gorgonzola cream, topped with prosciutto di Parma, asparagus, walnuts, and Parmigiano Regiano crisps. Certainly a contender for the best gnocchi in Manila, this dish is available every day except on Thursdays, when Mitsuhasi is off.

Hayato’s Special. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

For the mains, I was partial to Foie’s Gold. Quite a classic pairing with its generous portion of pan-seared foie gras with its dark, crispy bits hiding that creamy rich fatty center atop buttery mushroom risotto with a hint of truffle.

Foie’s Gold. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

The rosemary-garlic portobello, and the shimeji mushrooms on the plate helped umami matters along as well, while pink peppercorns added a touch of floral spice, cutting the overall richness nicely, although a squirt of lemon would not hurt either, because this dish is rich and all things decadent.

Since one of the captains of this culinary ship is a steak expert, it won’t come as a surprise that steak is one of Epilogue’s specialties.

The Maestro. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

To those classically inclined, there’s the Maestro, grilled steak Rossini (read: tenderloin) cut of US Prime Angus Beef paired with foie gras and a potato gratin, sauced with a from-scratch demi-glace.

King’s Cut. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra
Kro Coffee and Do Matcha. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Family celebrations in Epilogue, meanwhile, call for the King’s Cut, 600 grams of US Prime Angus Rib-eye grilled to your preference with sides of potato gratin and creamed spinach, demi-glace sauce (be cautious in saucing with this, as a little goes a long way), kombucha salt, and even wasabi.

Matcha Mojito. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Ease into the afterword with a cup of their specialty Kro Coffee or if matcha is a favorite, you’re in for a treat as Epilogue exclusively serves Do Matcha in the Philippines. Do Matcha is a ceremonial grade matcha brand, and in Epilogue can be enjoyed in latte form, or in a cocktail like the Matcha Mojito.

Sip your coffee, tea, or cocktails in between bites of saccharine treats like the sugar-forward Dulce De Leche Cheesecake, or the chocolate hazelnut layered Plascir Sucre. Or if you’re going for the full matcha experience, Epilogue’s Matcha Torte has layers of meringue, matcha cream, chocolate matcha and nuts.

Matcha Torte. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Or head on over to the bread section and take another bite of that Red Wine Bread.

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