Yes, last night was crazy: strong winds blow off roofs across KL

GOMBAK 18 JANUARY 2017. Sebahagian bumbung bersebelahan bangunan utama tingkat empat Universiti Kuala Lumpur yang di terbangkan angin dalam kejadian hujan lebat dan angin kencang semalam.NSTP/MOHD YUSNI ARIFFIN

Last night strong winds blew through the Klang Valley, uprooting trees and unhinging roofs across the city around 10pm.

In Wangsa Maju, the entire roof of a building blew off onto several parked cars below. Firemen were called to the scene; however, no casualties were reported and officials say the situation was under control.

Social media users reported trees blocking roads across the upmarket Bangsar neighborhood, while in Kampung Segambut Luat a house had a tree go right through the living room. No injuries were reported.

Stay safe out there, and remember … stay inside and for the love of all things good and mighty, don’t decide that now is the time to fix the Astro dish.

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