Wife of dead Cradle CEO refutes police claims of petrol, says inconsistent with postmortem

Nazrin Hassan, Cradle CEO
Nazrin Hassan, Cradle CEO

Earlier this month, officials sensationally told the public that they had found traces of petrol on the dead body of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan, adding that they were now looking into foul play being a cause of death, and not the earlier reported news that he had died from injuries sustained after his mobile phone exploded.

Today, his wife has released a lengthy statement to the media, contradicting these claims as inconsistent with the findings of his post-mortem, and also alleging that investigators have largely kept her in the dark.

After her husband’s death June 14, Samirah Muzaffar has kept out of the limelight, saying that she would rather not cause more distress on her family. However, recent allegations have now left her with no other option other than to set the record straight, so to speak.

Outlining that forensic doctors at Kuala Lumpur Hospital confirmed that Nazrin sustained severe, blunt injuries to his head, and several smaller ones across his face, neck, chest, left shoulder, and to the back of his left hand – all consistent with the effects of shrapnel injuries (alluding to original claims that he had died due to an exploding mobile phone).

The detailed report went on to conclude that her husband died from the severity of his injuries. There are no mentions of petrol traces found on his head, nor was he on any medication at the time – two claims that have been floated in recent weeks.

She’s added that while she and her family have been cooperative with officials, they have not been forthcoming with updates, nor have they returned certain personal belongings that have been missing since the incident.

Concluding that her husband lived a life of integrity and transparency, she asks that the investigations into his death be conducted in consistency with these principles.

Officials have yet to respond to her statement.

You can peep it in full below, as shared via Free Malaysia Today:

It has been a trying period of close to two months for me and the children. In respecting the ongoing investigations, I have refrained from issuing any statement or talking to the media but my family and I are deeply distressed by recent media reports on the tragic demise of my beloved husband, Nazrin Hassan, on June 14. These reports, it is pertinent to point out, contain official quotes and statements from the authorities involved in the investigation, namely the Fire and Rescue Department and the Malaysian police.

It is unfortunate that these reports are not consistent with the findings of the report on the postmortem examination on my deceased husband issued by the Department of Forensic Medicine, Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL), on Aug 2. The report which is in my possession states that my husband “sustained a blunt penetrating injury at the left parietal region. This wound was associated with a severe degree of head injury”.

It also states that “multiple smaller blunt penetrating injuries of various sizes were found on his face, neck, chest, left shoulder and back of left hand bearing the pattern of shrapnel injuries”. The postmortem report then concludes that the cause of death is “complication of blast and blunt penetrating injuries”. The autopsy conducted by a senior pathologist in HKL explicitly detailed the cause of the demise of my late husband.

The postmortem report makes no mention of “traces of petrol on his head” or on any other part of my late husband. I would like to also reiterate here that contrary to media reports, my late husband was not on any form of medication. The laboratory analysis in the postmortem report further confirms that no common drugs, volatile substances and/or alcohol were found in my late husband.

The family and I have been more than cooperative with the authorities as we would like to see closure of the entire tragic episode. Besides, we would like some information on certain missing items and personal belongings of my late husband as a result of the incident.

I have lodged police reports pertaining to the investigations and missing items since June. I have been writing to the Fire and Rescue Department requesting updates but the family and I have been kept mostly in the dark. I have been told by the Fire and Rescue Department that the report by the department cannot be given to me because Nazrin’s death is a high profile case.

I have again written to the fire department and appealed for a copy of the report. I am not aware of any provision in the law that denies the family of the victim, especially the next of kin, access to documents because of the status of the case. However, there have been no less than four statements made to the media by the fire department in relation to the tragedy.

In its sparse communication with me, the fire department has in fact made claims which are patently untrue, namely that it had taken control of the premises, specifically the room where the death occurred, from June 14 to 19. After 5pm on June 14 itself, the family was informed that it could access the room as well as clean the said room. And yet, the fire department produced a letter on June 19 which was backdated to the June 14. Acts of this sort which transgress established procedures erode our confidence in the authorities.

As most would know, my late husband, Nazrin Hassan, led his life with integrity, honesty and professionalism, and I seek that the investigations in relation to his death also be conducted with the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability.

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