After a week full of profanities, Speaker issues warning to MPs to keep vulgarities to themselves

Datuk Seri Bung Moktar taking things to the next level during Tuesday’s lower house session

Colorful language implored by a certain MP in the Dewan Rakyat (lower house) resulted in a stern, and “final warning” from Speaker Datuk Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof that any more vulgarities will result in immediate ejection and disciplinary action.

Tempers reached a boiling point two days ago, when Barisan Nasional member Datuk Seri Bung Moktar, representing the constituents of Kinabatangan, uttered a spirited “f*ck you” at the opposing bench after another MP suggested that he frequented casinos.

Well, well … the lady doth protest too much!

“I would like to stress that the use of foul and vulgar language is not allowed in the dewan, and action will be taken against those who use it.

“I repeat myself, if such words are uttered again, I will not hesitate to take action including ordering for the person’s ejection or any other actions deemed appropriate, regardless of the political party.

“On Kinabatangan specifically, if he repeats his conduct in the future, he will be immediately kicked out of the dewan. This (ruling) serves as a reminder to all,” said Mohamad Ariff today during sessions.

Tuesday’s altercation descended into a circus after Willie Mongin, a Pakatan Harapan member representing Puncak Borneo, asked his Bornean neighbor Bung if he had been to a casino lately.

The comment came hot off the heels of Bung asking Mongin if he had frequented hookers lately.

Bung also challenged his adversary to a fist fight, because WHY NOT?

“This is rude, you don’t deserve to sit here. Samseng (thug). You want to fight with me? Anytime,” said Bung, who is currently pushing 60 years old.

Wondering what they were debating that got so gosh-darn personal? Oh, just the Sales and Services Tax — tariffs have never felt so hot and bothered under the collar!

Bung’s outburst has delightfully been remixed by Malaysian DJ Whackboi into something we hope is soon available as a ringtone:

Speaker Mohamad Ariff’s warning was not only directed at Bung, as on Monday profanities were also exchanged between MPs, with one uttering the word p*****k (a reference to the genitals of one’s mother), and kepala bepak kamu (your father’s head).

Last month, PH’s Ramkarpal Singh was ejected from the house after he refused to retract the use of the word samseng (gangster).

Representative Singh said that the Speaker’s ruling seemed paltry, considering the use of explicit profanities was let off with only a warning.

“Disciplinary action (ejection) was taken against me for using the word gangster, which pales in comparison to the four-letter word Kinabatangan said. No doubt he retracted. But if no further action is taken, then this will create a precedence that any MPs can utter vulgarities, retract it, and get away with it,” he said.

However, Mohamad Ariff maintained: “My ruling is meant for both sides, and as for Kinabatangan, it remains as a final warning not to repeat it.”

Ok – there you have it! Manners 101! Stop swearing! Leave mothers, fathers, gangsters and their respective genitals out of parliamentary debates – need the public remind you that we voted you in to represent our interests, and not act out a particularly nasty fight over a parking space? Terima Kasih.

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