Those who threw rubbish off the bridge should apologize: Minister (Video)

Woman throws bags of rubbish into the river. Photo: Vocket/Instagram
Woman throws bags of rubbish into the river. Photo: Vocket/Instagram

Malaysia’s Minister for Environment and Water has called on those who were filmed throwing two bags of rubbish off a bridge to apologize for their actions. 

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man wrote online late last night to call on the unidentified individuals to change their ways and say sorry after the 20-second clip of the Kelantan incident circulated widely on social media.

“Today, there was a viral video of a car stopping on a bridge and garbage being dumped into the river. I would like to express my disappointment over the attitude shown,” Tuan Ibrahim’s Facebook statement went. 

He added: “Despite the ministry’s efforts to campaign for river cleanliness, there are still a handful of people who do not care about the cleanliness of our water sources. The perpetrator should repent and hopefully apologize for the bad attitude shown. Thanks to those who made the recording.”

Thousands have watched the clip of the car stopping on the side of the road as the first bag of trash flung out of the front passenger’s window, followed by the second one by a woman who had jutted out of the back seat window. 

“Don’t judge them, they were probably getting rid of saka,” Facebook user Iruan Ismail said, referring to the popular term for a supernatural entity many Malaysians believe can reside in humans. 

“There are better ways to get rid of it. May it be a guide and lesson for all,” user Epol Epearlza said.


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