Trash Heap Yields Gem: Woman uses social media to reunite daughter with late father’s last memento

Facebook is generally just a place where you go to find out that the people you knew in high school are now racists and/or trying to sell you aromatherapy oils. But every once in a blue moon, the platform shakes off its nefarious, (allegedly!) election-influencing shackles, and does something good.

Over the weekend, Facebook user Hyza Ezany took to her account to ask her followers for a favor. She had just discovered that an RM10 note she’d been given had an incredibly moving, and obviously personal, message scribbled on it, and she needed it to be reunited with its rightful owner.

Mencari pemilik tulisan atas duit ni.. Nak bg free je kpd pemiliknya!! Tolong sy share hingga jumpa ya!! Terimakasih…

Posted by Hyza Ezany on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hyza, a Melaka-area woman, posted photos of the note and its message: “The last cash given by Dad on May 21, 2010, Friday 7:10am. I love you Dad.”

She wrote in her post that she was moved by the message, and wanted to track down whoever it belonged to.

“I want to give it back to them. Please help me share it until they are found,” she asked her followers.

“Thank you everyone who is willing to help me. My eyes teared up when I read what was written on it and I feel that the owner must be looking for it everywhere.”

Well, share it people did – 25,000 times — which was enough for the note to digitally come to the attention of Anne Malar Yesudass, the woman who originally wrote the message on the banknote almost 10 years ago. That is, it came to the attention of her sister, who then passed it to her.

I found the person holding on to this now… Tq so so so so so so so so so much dear all…. It was my most valuable…

Posted by Anne Malar Yesudass on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Writing that the note was stolen over a year ago, she was shocked to be again reunited with “the most valuable thing of [her] life.”

Anne explained that she was 17 when her father sent her off to school one morning, giving her the RM10 note. Unfortunately, it was the last time she saw him – he was killed in an accident on the way to work.

“I’ve kept it with me in my purse ever since until September 1, 2018, when my purse was stolen,” Anne said. “I was not sad that my purse was stolen but I was terribly sad that this valuable thing in my life was stolen with it.”

“I always remembered it, there was an ache in my heart whenever I think about it,” she concluded.

All this was not what I actually expected at all.. I really didn't know this RM10 note will be so viral everywhere……

Posted by Anne Malar Yesudass on Monday, December 2, 2019

“I was extremely happy to see this. I really feel so blessed. I thank Hyza so much for her kindness in sharing this. The word ‘thank you alone’ is not enough actually, but the only thing I can do is express my gratitude,” wrote Anne.

“Thanks to all the kind-hearted people who shared it and for their thoughtful comments. I love you Appa, I miss you so, so much.”

Netizens could hardly believe the group effort proved to be a success themselves, and flooded both women’s posts with their own messages of happiness over the reunion, commending Hyza for her incredible efforts to return the note.

And there you have it. Hearts warmed on a Wednesday. One degree.

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