There’s an app for that: Coconuts now available in IOS and Google Play app stores

Oh hey, it’s the Coconuts app
Oh hey, it’s the Coconuts app

Life is complicated enough, and we here at Coconuts want to make regional news as easily accessible as possible, so we’ve created our own snazzy, optimized app to make that happen for you.

Top stories, original features, restaurant reviews and event guides coming out of not only KL, but Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali and Yangon in a user-friendly format aren’t the only things you have to look forward to.

No, that would be boring.

Ok, first thing’s first but you have the option of enabling notification settings, keeping you up to date with the latest breaking news, on ground. Yes, that means when Jho Low is finally arrested, we’ll be damned if anyone lets you know before we do. And also details on his welcome home party, thrown by us (Jk, but also a real possibility).

Apa lagiReading Coconuts on your phone isn’t the end of the world, but our eyes and browser have thanked us for the break, meaning we are able to read articles faster, and watch our amazing video stories a lot easier than before. You can also switch really easily between cities, dare we say – even better than you can using a desktop.

Seriously speaking, editor to reader: It’s all that we use these days.

Finally, if all of this hasn’t got you downloading our new app already, then we’ll let you know that it’s also fully integrated with COCO+ membership functionalities.

Aiyo – did we lose you? We know – you hate paying for things, especially “news.” We know, and understand where you’re coming from – but hear us out: Your membership supports free, independent journalism (not our fourth Bentley, or gambling addiction as some reactions would have you think)!

That being said, COCO+ members will have access to privileges via the app, which includes awesome giveaways (seriously, we have so many event tickets to share, in every city) and of course, unlimited Coconuts content.

Alright! That is all. As always, see you in the comments section.



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