Shocking Cyberjaya car accident shows woman dragged through Shaftsbury Square

A screenshot of the victim running from the vehicle
A screenshot of the victim running from the vehicle

Netizens have been left in shock over leaked CCTV footage of a Cyberjaya woman being hit, and dragged, by a vehicle in the city’s popular Shaftsbury Square area.

Online Facebook page Cyberjaya Community shared the short clip, and we warn you that it is incredibly upsetting to watch, so proceed with caution.

Reporting that the incident occurred at 7:53pm yesterday, the post said that the still-unnamed victim was dragged a few meters, and was ultimately caught under the suspect’s car.

While she was given medical treatment, she was comatose, and passed away early this morning.

Initial Twitter updates have said that the driver was a foreign national in a rented vehicle; however, police have yet to comment on the exact identity the suspect.

The post has caused many netizens to speak out over the lack of respect for traffic laws observed by drivers in Cyberjaya, a hub for both students and those working in the tech industries. Netizens have urged Transport Minister Anthony Loke to look into the matter immediately, calling it “a ticking time bomb.”

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