Rosmah’s two daughter take to social media to offer differing words on mother’s arrest

via Yana Najib Instagram
via Yana Najib Instagram

Rosmah Mansor’s two daughter have taken to their respective social media accounts to express their views on her arrest yesterday afternoon, and while both remain respectful, their tones could not be more different.

Azrene Soraya Abdul Aziz, her estranged daughter from a previous marriage, had previously gone on the record to corroborate reports of her mother’s excesses, luxuries, spending, and forays into the occult shortly after her step-father Najib Razak lost the 14th General Election.

Yesterday, she offered a collected assessment, even writing: “Sympathy definitely exists, no matter what happened. May Allah make it easier.” She then left judgement on the case to the law and “to the Courts to decide.”

Meanwhile, Rosmah’s daughter from her marriage to former Prime Minister Najib Razak, Nooryana Najwa Najib, took to her Instagram account to air her own views on her mother’s arrest.

“I will always stand by the woman who gave birth to me, she wrote. “Wiped my tears away when I was down, slept with me when I was sick, and taught me how to stand on my own two feet.”

[Ed. Note: Is unchecked privilege the world’s worst quality, or would that be lack of self-awareness? Asking for a friend.].

Rosmah is expected to be charged later today for crimes related to money laundering in on-going investigations by the graft agency Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, having spent the night in jail after her arrest yesterday.

Nooryana, also known as Gina, said the actions of the MACC were “going too far” with her Birkin bag loving, jewelry collecting mother’s arrest.

While she wrote that she accepted the actions taken against her father, yesterday’s arrest and the earlier raid on her grandmother’s house were over the top.

“I can accept taking action on a man who was in power, but putting the women in his life in harm’s way is going too far. Two weeks ago, you raided his mother’s house and today, you remand his wife and plan on charging her the same day that her husband is due in court.”

You can peep the post at length here:

Many netizens did not take too kindly to Gina’s pleas for leniency, and one Facebook group shared photos of her opulent wedding to a Kazakh national, asking where the family found the funds to pay for such a luxurious ceremony.

Dear Gina,I saw your lengthy instagram post about how you feel about your mum’s detention. You seem to feel extremely…

Posted by Najib Razak Must Go on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Damn, Gina!



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