Pakistani murderer on the run, and coming to Malaysia. Natch.

This guy is dangerous: Mien Wakas Ahmad

A Thailand-based Pakistani man, who is accused of killing his wife, is on the run… and coming to Malaysia.

Where else in Southeast Asia is an alleged murderer to go, other than the spiritual home of nasi lemak, hub for outsourced, international assassinations, and regional capital of love scams? Definitely not Singapore, we’ll tell you that.

Bangkok courts have issued a warrant for Mien Wakas Ahmad, 27, who police believe has made his way across the border on foot, after catching a flight between Don Muang Airport, to Hat Yai near the border.

The body of his 39-year-old wife was found in their shared house by her two children from a previous marriage, after they came home from school.

Neighbors say that the couple had been arguing loudly for the last three days.

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