New Year’s Day Malaysia Airlines flight goes through two aborted take-offs, terrifying passengers

Passengers aboard a regularly-scheduled Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, were left unsettled after a series of aborted take-offs that left many of them wondering over the condition of the plane’s instruments.

MH145 left KLIA airport on time January 1, departing their gate for the 8:45pm takeoff time. One passenger told New Zealand outlet that the plane hurtled down the runway at “full throttle,” when it suddenly came to a halt just as its wheels were lifting off the ground. Passengers experienced the force of the sudden stop, being thrown forward and around as the plane skidded along the tarmac.

“I thought we were goners,” said one terrified man.

Following the aborted take-off, the pilot of the plane informed passengers that there was an “instrument issue,” and that they would be returning to the gate at once to deal with the matter.

However, passengers were forced to sit on the plane for another three hours before being allowed to disembark. At the time, travelers described seeing several engineers make their way onto the plane.

One nervous flier apparently had a panic attack when leaving the plane, and had to be escorted off by paramedics.

Passengers were told that the flight had be rescheduled to the following day at 10am, and when they arrived, they were told that while the plane was the same, the issue was resolved and they would arrive in Auckland safely.

Well, you can pretty much guess where this is going, and if you haven’t, then maybe you haven’t watched as many episodes of Mayday: Air Crash Investigation as some of us here at Coconuts KL.

As the plane barreled down the runway again, to the shock of every single human on board, just as the plane appeared to be taking off, it came to a sudden stop again, lurching passengers forward.

When officials suggested that they would attempt to repair the problem yet again, many of the travelers revolted and refused to step foot on the same vessel, forcing Malaysia Airlines officials to procure another plane.

Eventually, passengers aboard MH145 left KLIA on January 3, without further incident. Malaysia Airlines has since apologized for the incident, explaining that the plane stopped at a “low speed” before aborting takeoff.

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