Mother files suit on behalf of son’s botched circumcision ten years ago

A Pahang man is suing the directors of two government hospitals, along with four others, over what he says was a botched circumcision performed on him ten years ago when he was eight-years-old.

Alleging that he is now permanently “incapacitated” after the procedure, the man filed the suit through his mother on July 19 of this year.

In addition to the government, the plaintiff is also taking the director, a medical assistant, and a medical officer from Kuala Lipis Hospital to court, as well as the director of Selayang Hospital, to court over the incident.

Those privy to the statement of claim in the case have said that the victim alleges that on December 13, 2010, the medical assistant and another individual, performed two circumcisions at a residence in Kuala Lipis, Pahang, with both the knowledge and permission of both the Kuala Lipis Hospital medical officer, and its director.

During the procedure, it is alleged that the medical assistant was unfamiliar with protocol, and cut off the boy’s entire penis head, with his foreskin intact. A circumcision is only intended to remove the foreskin.

Realizing their error in cutting the young boy’s penis, the assistant tried to sew the head back on, but again did not follow correct procedures. Alleging that he did not provide immediate treatment to the botched surgery, she also outlines that the defendant did not inform any family member that he had severed the penis. Explaining only that his urinary tract had been effected, his negligence meant that by the time the boy reached Selayang Hospital for further treatment, it was too late to reattach the missing piece.

Thirty-five days after the procedure, the mother realized that a large part of her son’s penis was missing.

One of the defendants in the case, a doctor from Selayang Hospital, had erroneously told the woman that her son’s penis glans would grow as he got older. However, at 17 she explains that her son was still “incapacitated.”

After the traumatic experience, she says that her son is no longer the same person, has become withdrawn, and chooses only to socialize with younger children over his own peers.

In total, the mother claims that she has spent over RM100,000 (US$25,000) in doctors and lawyer’s fees. She is seeking compensation, as well as special damages and interest.

Bernama writes that the all defendants have since denied culpability in the case, with the medical assistant claiming it was not his fault, while the other defendants deflect the blame back on his actions and not themselves.


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