Melaka man tricked into buying RM300 red wine that tasted a lot like a soft drink

A Melaka man got more than he bargained for, and less than what he expected, when he was conned by a young woman into buying an RM300 (US$70) glass of red wine, that he says tasted a lot like a soft drink.

Because it probably was, bro. Deceit tastes of watered-down Pepsi.

According to China Press, the 35-year-old man says he met the woman, a Chinese national, via a popular smartphone app. We here at Coconuts KL love reading between the lines: WeChat. Go on.

He and the woman had arranged to meet at a Melaka pub on September 9, where the incident occurred.

After being given the “red wine,” the man suspected something was off, and made an excuse to go to the ATM to withdraw money.

Having no intention of going back, he received an angered message from the woman, telling him to come back, or she would circulate his photo.

He later lodged a report with the local Immigration Department, and the pub was raided Monday night.

Four Chinese women were detained in the raid, and probably a lot of soft drinks.

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