Man gets genitals trapped in a water bottle for 14 hours before Fire Department is called to rescue

Courtesy of Fire Department via Sinar Harian
Courtesy of Fire Department via Sinar Harian

An unfortunate mishap occurred late Sunday night when a man in Taiping found himself with the tip of his genitals stuck inside a bottle. After 12 hours of struggling to remove it to no avail, the Taiping Fire and Rescue Department was finally called.

According to Sinar Harian, Sunday night, the man’s wife was attempting to assist him in relieving himself, as the man is reported to have mobility issues. In the process, she managed to get a 500mL water bottle jammed on his junk.

The couple only sought medical assistance yesterday morning, arriving at Taiping Hospital at 10:30am, some 12 hours after initially getting the bottle wedged on his weenie. Medical staff called in the Fire Department, and after 30 minutes of careful maneuvering, the man’s phallus was freed. In total, it had been trapped for 14 hours.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as always, a word of warning on the safety of your weenie when weeing – always go for the wide-mouth bottles. Gatorade, Vitamin Water. Whip out the small Spritzer, and you could end up in the ER. And in the news.


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