Man busted selling fake RM5K Perak royal awards for second year in a row

via NST YouTube

A man has been arrested by Kedah police for selling fake awards associated with the Perak royal family. He was busted Wednesday at a Kedah hotel, hosting the (fake) ceremony for 95 recipients. There were 200 in attendance, including three individuals who claimed to be Perak royalty.

The cost of being bestowed the (fake) honor of Pingat Setia Raja dan Negara (Medal of Loyalty to King and Country)? A reasonable RM5,000 (US$1,250).

Kedah police chief Datuk Asri Yusof said that “The award does not carry any title but the recipients were promised special privileges when they want to apply for projects with the government at the particular state.”

Most of those who paid for the honors were businessmen and pensioners, ranging in age between 30 and 60.

New Straits Times reports that police hauled off, along with the organizer, a man in his 50s, 65 sashes, 66 medals, and souvenir trophies.

This was the second time that the gentleman had attempted to cheat the public using fake royal awards. Last year, he had tried a similar scam, only to be stopped by police.

Great, happy he got caught. But also, how is this “his thing,” that he’s allowed to try annually, until he gets busted?

Better luck next year, buddy!


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