Malaysia’s latest ‘bomoh’ harnesses his powers via aisle 3 at Toys R Us

It’s Friday, it’s been a long week, but we know just how to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face … or at least a look of confusion. Allow us to open the gateways of the internet to introduce you to Malaysia’s latest viral bomoh sensation:

We know, you have a lot of questions after watching the above video. So do we. Who is he? Who is she? What is he curing her of? Which section of Toys R Us can we find his magic wand?

While none of these questions have answers at this time, we can explain to you non-Malaysian readers that a bomoh is a type of shaman, and before modern medicine, were seen as healers in local communities.

Since the advent of modern medicine, their role has seen a shift. Islamic revivalism in the ’70s and ’80s in Malaysia sidelined bomoh practices as being of a pagan nature, and not in line with the religion.

The number of traditional healers who could be likened to herbalists began to decline, and to fill the void came a glut of individuals who relied on tactics that were more in line with black magic, so to speak.

As a result, many individuals today consult them for personal reasons, including the lifting of curses, casting of spells and for sundry other occult effects.

In an attempt to curry favor with those who view them suspiciously as not in line with Islam, some bomoh will even go as far as invoking Quranic verses into their acts.

Malaysia’s most famous shaman, Raja Bomoh, aka Bomoh King of the World, aka the guy with the coconuts, made international headlines four years ago after he showed up at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport with bamboo binoculars, coconuts and a magic carpet, claiming his other-worldly powers could be harnessed to find missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

His attempts — of course — proved futile, but not before he was allowed to perform his rituals in front of the international press at the airport. Twice.

He later recanted his mystical ways, saying it was all an act and “drama.” Earlier this month, he threw his coconuts into the political ring and announced he would be running for a parliamentary seat in the 14th General Election. Promising to not rely on magic for victory nor leadership, he will run on an independent ballot.

However, the vacuum created by his resignation from the bomoh world stage has left a space for this guy.

Please sir, just tell us your name.



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