Coconut mystic will reportedly throw bamboo binoculars in political ring for GE14

UPDATE: Ibrahim Mat Zin has announced that he plans to contest the Bagan Datuk parliamentary seat as an independent candidate in GE14. The seat is currently held by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Coconut mystic Raja Bomoh, the self-styled Bomoh King of the World (not a thing), announced that he plans to contest in the upcoming 14th General Election, according to reports in the Harian Metro.

Raja B, otherwise known as Ibrahim Mat Zin, will be holding a press conference this afternoon in Ipoh to announce that he will dip his bamboo binoculars and ephemeral powers into the political ring, and stand in both a Parliamentary and a State Assembly seat in Perak state. It is being reported he will run on an “independent” ballot.

Good luck with that, sir – and just to be clear: You know, you lose your deposit if you don’t get over 1/8th of the vote, right? It’s RM10K (US$2,500) for the parliamentary seat, RM5,000 (US$1,250) for the state seat, plus another RM5K for poster clean up. That’s RM20,000 (US$5,000). You sure about this?

Ibrahim hit global levels of infamy, while under the watch of the international press after MH370 tragically disappeared, he came to KLIA proclaiming that he could use his coconuts, a flying carpet, and bamboo binoculars to locate the plane.

Raja Bomoh at KLIA during the search for MH370

While this in itself is rather shocking, we’re most surprised that he was able to hold his ritual a full two times within the airport before being told “thanks, but no thanks” by officials.

He later reappeared, bigger, badder and with three other bomohs in tow, promising to protect Malaysia from North Korea, in lieu of the assassination of Kim Jong Nam. The quartet brought with them two coconuts (of course), stick used as binoculars (natch), five bamboo cannons, a carpet, and a bowl of sea water.

Syariah courts charged him last year for his un-Islamic rituals, and he was said to have called them “drama” and then renounced his occult ways.

No word on if coconuts will make an appearance at his announcement today.



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