Malaysians rudely mock musician Dua Lipa’s birthday message to father causing her to change caption

Arguably the hottest music star in the world right now, Dua Lipa, who is currently touring to sold out crowds worldwide and coming to KL in May (sorry, but tickets are already gone), was recently trolled by her Malaysian “fans.”

Yesterday, Dua posted a sweet message to her father, wishing him a happy birthday, and telling him how much she misses him. Lovely.

Dua was a cute baby! Her dad? A babe and a half.

The current caption reads:

Happy Birthday Dad. Love you, miss you, wish I was home to give you a big hug and a kiss! Xxx

However, eagle-eyed Twitter user @rayrilo noticed something amiss – Dua had changed it. He also rightly called out the idiocy that caused it.

It previously read:

Happy Birthday Babi. Love you, miss you, wish I was home to give you a big hug and a kiss! Xxx

Babi is a diminutive way to say “father” in Albanian. Whilst Dua was born in London, both of her parents are ethnic Albanians who immigrated to the UK from Kosovo in the 1990s. Makes sense that she would refer to her father in her family’s native language. That’s nice, isn’t it? Great to keep traditions alive, and stay connected to your roots.

As we know by now – Malaysians can’t have nice things. Remember that time we got an MRT and promptly turned it into a pasar malam (night market)?

No sooner had Dua posted it than Malaysians began mocking her family’s heritage, commenting that in Malaysian Bahasa, babi meant pig.

Turns out, there are a lot of 5-year-olds out there with Twitter accounts, because apparently this was SUPER funny, and warranted a Twitter swarm of comments mocking the term not seen since Tay-Tay got bombarded with snake emojis (know your pop-culture).

What’s the world’s hottest musician to do –someone who sold out her show in the very country from where those mocking her are from — other than to change it to “Dad”?

Are you happy, guys? Well done.

If we’re not out there getting famous for really bad, 15-minute long black-face ads, we’re out here bullying a chart-topping artist who is about to pay us a visit.

And to the dozens of Malaysians who posted, condemning the rude messages sent to Dua, and making it known that we respect her culture … Thank you. We need more of this.


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