Malaysian school accused of serving rotten eggs sparks outrage and investigation

A school in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, has found itself at the center of controversy after serving what appeared to be rotten eggs to its students, allegedly leading to cases of food poisoning. The incident came to light after a concerned mother took to social media to voice her outrage, claiming that her two children were among the victims.

The outcry began when the aggrieved parent shared images on Facebook, showing discolored eggs and even some visible worms in a school cafeteria dish. These unsettling photos quickly raised questions about the school’s food preparation and safety practices.

“You can already tell that the egg is rotten upon peeling it, why would you still serve them to the kids? Where is your conscience?” the mother lamented in her post. She went on to reveal that this was not the first time the Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) had faced accusations of serving subpar food to its students.

According to the same mother, a prior incident involved the school serving food so spicy that it caused some students to suffer from stomach aches. She expressed her frustration, stating, “The kids are already in Form 4, Form 5, they are taking exams soon, and they cannot study properly because of the stomach pains. I’m really so angry. How are we going to let them (the school) take care of the kids?”

Another concerned parent, following a visit to the school’s food supplier, claimed that the discolored eggs were the result of boiling all of them in a large pot, as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

In response to these allegations, Malaysian government agency Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) has taken the matter seriously. MRSM management promptly contacted the district health office to initiate an immediate investigation of the school’s dining hall.

Mara stated, “A close inspection by the district health office has been carried out, and it was found that the environmental hygiene performance is good, and the food handling process complies with the set standards,” as reported by The New Straits Times. Additionally, the agency mentioned that both the district health office and MRSM management have issued warnings to dining hall operators.

Mara assured concerned parents that they have implemented monitoring of students for symptoms of food poisoning, and as of now, no students have reported any such symptoms as alleged. The agency urged parents not to worry and advised them to keep in contact with the school’s management for further updates.

“We are always concerned about the welfare and safety of all students at the Mara educational institutions, including MRSM, and will take appropriate action if such a thing occurs in accordance with the established procedures,” Mara concluded, aiming to reassure parents and address their concerns in the wake of this unsettling incident.


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