Malaysian man goes off-grid to live in the jungle due to work stress, calls for help six days later

Photo: Mohamad Suhairy Mohamed/JBPM Perak
Photo: Mohamad Suhairy Mohamed/JBPM Perak

In a classic case of work stress gone wild, most people would opt for conventional methods to unwind: socializing, strolling in the park, hitting the gym, seeking therapy, indulging in retail therapy, or perhaps even planning a vacation.

But here’s a tale that takes stress relief to a whole new level – a man who decided to go completely off-grid and set up home in a jungle. Yes, you heard that right.

On June 3, Mohamad Suhairy Muhamed embarked on a bus journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, Perak, and ventured deep into a jungle near the National Audit Department.

It was all cricket sounds and waterfalls until June 9, when the urban man called the Perak Fire and Rescue Department to rescue him from the jungle. 

The city dweller found himself in a precarious situation – lost and famished that is – and had no choice but to dial the Perak Fire and Rescue Department hoping for a rescue. 

Assistant Director Sabarodzi Nor Ahmad of the Perak Fire and Rescue Department revealed that the victim’s phone lacked the luxury of an internet connection but the operation commander managed to stay in touch with the distressed individual, long enough to bring him back to civilization.

The wait finally came to an end at approximately 2:46am on June 10, when the victim, driven by the distant sound of firefighting machinery, was successfully located by the rescue team.

With his jungle ordeal behind him, the relieved individual was handed over to the police for further necessary action.



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