Malaysian icon Michelle Yeoh gives our country a shout-out in Star Trek: Discover season finale

Netizens, Trekkies, Malaysians, and the special group that intersects all three of these categories were thoroughly delighted after Dato’ Michelle Yeoh’s character gave our nation a global shout-out on the season finale of Star Trek: Discover.

You can peep the iconic moment here:

“Where are you from, Captain? That saying about Kelpians is so apt, having experienced it firsthand. I wonder where it originated,” asked Michael Burnham to Captain Philippa.

“Don’t be silly Michael, you know I grew up in Malaysia,” responded Captain Philippa.

“But where exactly? I went there with you once but I can’t remember the name,” asked Michael.

“Pulau Langkawi,” responded Captain Phillipa.

“Right. Those beautiful beaches,” said Michael.

“Indeed,” said Captain Philippa.

Yeoh, arguably Malaysia’s most famous acting export, was actually born in Ipoh, and is our gift to the cinematic arts. She plays Captain Philippa Georgiou, while Michael is played by Sonequa Martin-Green.

You might remember that her character had previously died, but was then resurrected as the leader of the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe (hit us up for Trekkie talk, anytime).

The series has received wide praise for a strong female cast, with Yeoh specifically lauded for her powerful portrayal. It was also not lost on our Malaysian ears that her character’s accent is intentionally unchanged to reflect her Asian roots.

Diversity, people. Representation. Progress in the shape of a Malaysian, which is something that fills us with more pride than any nasi lemak.

Twitter exploded with praise for the actress, and her “scene-stealing performance.”

However, our favorite detail might be the clever memes that Yeoh’s Malaysian lines spawned.

Ahhhh, to be Malaysian, is to be late.



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