Foodpanda delivery driver shows internet how he rides bike without hands

Malaysians netizens are offering words of praise, awe and encouragement to Syahrain Fadzil, a Foodpanda delivery driver, who used his Facebook profile as a platform to show how he manages to ride his motorbike despite living with a disability.

Living without hands has not stopped Syahrain, who reportedly makes RM600-RM800 (US$150-200) weekly working as a restaurant delivery driver for Foodpanda. On Friday he showed curious netziens exactly how he goes about his daily life of what seems to the uninitiated as the impossible task of starting a bike without hands.

With the utmost of ease, Syahrain puts on his helmet (safety first, kids), and flicks on the ignition. He then starts the bike, pulling on the throttle, takes off the brakes, and shift into gear using his feet before zipping off into the night.

His positive attitude, and eagerness to show the public that his disability does not necessarily mean a lesser quality of life, nor from doing a job that most would find unfathomable without the use of their hands, has lead many to call him an inspiration for all.

Doctors are unsure of what exactly causes congenital amputation, a birth without a limb or limbs, but a recent Dutch study found that 20 in 10,000 babies are affected with the condition. Most cases show that within the first three months the fetus is affected by a blood flow supply to the affected limb, causing the tissue to die and be absorbed by the mother’s amniotic fluid. Engaging in teratogenic activities during pregnancy can also increase the instances of congenital amputation.

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