Bizarre love triangle: The reality TV preacher, his pregnant ex-wife, and the divorced woman he left her for

Pu Abu, a charmer, we’re sure via Instagram
Pu Abu, a charmer, we’re sure via Instagram

So, where to begin? Yesterday, popular Malaysian celebrity Wardina Safiyyah took to her Instagram account to call out the behavior of preachers and purportedly religious men who use the guise of piety to hide what she says is merely lust.

Wardina’s comments come after news emerged that popular Islamic preacher Muhammad Abu Sufiyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi, aka PU Abu (capitalization his), aka the dude who was on a religious reality television program — we have those here — had left his seven-months pregnant wife for another woman.


via Instagram

PU Abu:

PU Abu via Instagram
PU Abu via Instagram

His ex-wife:

via Instagram

Her extensive post included a strong and unbridled condemnation calling out the hypocrisy of PU Abu, and his fellow religious colleagues who refused to condemn his actions:

Gatal (horny) preachers and religious men are truly disgusting. I can’t stand their jokes especially randomly dropping hints about marrying another on social media or in their ceramah (talks) …. it’s not classy, Ustaz (religious preacher), not taking into account the feelings of their wives or woman.

“Try educating men to value and respect women instead.”


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Sebenarnya tak komen lagi bagus tapi…. macam nilah… pada saya bukan juga soal PU or whatever Dai’ ceraikan isterinya waktu sarat TAPI si Abu miang ni dok bercinta dengan perempuan lain (tak kisahlah Janda atau tidak) lepas baru dua bulan berkahwin dan sedang menanti kelahiran cahaya mata sulung. Like seriously? Dua bulan??? Pada saya sebenarnya lagi merana hidup sekiranya terpaksa berhadapan dengan suami yang sedang angau dengan wanita lain. So memang elok lah dilepaskan. But the fact that he fell in love with another women after just 2 months of marriage is just absurd. . Buat para lelaki (tak kisahlah Ustaz ke tidak) Fitnah wanita ni memang terlalu hebat. JANGAN mula. JANGAN berani -berani tanya khabar and disguise it with something else. It’s not worth it. Not worth the heartache and emotional pain that your wife has to go through. Tak berbaloi berantakan rumah tangga dan berpecah belah keluarga kerana seorang wanita demi mengejar nafsu yang tidak pernah kenal erti puas. Lepas tu suruh mereka sabar demi agama dan demi pahala sedang hang happy melayan nafsu. Eloklah tu. . Buat Encik Abu semoga Allah buka hati dan mata. Buat Hana Azra (yang kena sama nama dengan anak I ni kenapa *grrrr*?) benarkah anda boleh berbahagia di atas kesengsaraan wanita lain? It’s not worth it. Satu hari nanti anda akan menyesal. Oklah sorry komen banyak sangat pasal rumah tangga orang. Cuma saya sempat check siapa Abu ni dengan dua orang rakan yang kenal beliau sebelum post ni. Now to all men, go home and for goodness sake just love your wife! . Sekian Ustaz dan orang beragama gatal are truly disgusting… I can’t stand their jokes especially randomly dropping hints about marrying another on social media or in their ceramah… (tak class la Ustaz) not taking into account the feelings of their wives or women. Try educating men to value and respect women instead. Above all, they think they can get away with it because they are alim, because they are men and use whatever verses or Hadith to justify their bloody gatalness. Be a man. Respect your wife first and foremost. . #donedakwah 🤭😬😓🙏 -Bukan PU, Dai’ atau Ustajah- Just a woman, daughter, wife and mother.

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She went on:

“Above all, they think they can get away with it because they are pious, because they are men, and use whatever verses or Hadith (religious law or guidance) to justify their gatalness (Malaysian slang for horniness).

“Be a man. Respect your wife first and foremost.”

Damn, gurl. Are you the air con at our office? Cuz you are ON BLAST.

She added that the short time that PU Abu was married to his first wife, Ain Afini, while now claiming to be in love with another woman, is “just absurd.”

Following the harsh and swift public outcry, PU Abu has released his own public statement, apologizing to his first wife, and saying that he will make the appropriate arrangements with her following the birth of their child to ensure that all parties are happy.

However, PU Abu has also claimed that his first wife’s version of the story that she shared on her own Instagram account, along with screenshots of conversations between the two including details of their divorce, was only part of the story.

He added that the bizarre love triangle between himself, his first wife Ain, and new wife Hana, was an issue “from the past.”

“If my ex-wife loved me, she wouldn’t do this,” he added.

He has since removed the post, but here’s a screencap!


Ain had previously shared that Abu asked for a divorce after first asking to take a second wife, two months into their marriage. In polygamous marriages in Malaysia, the husband must have permission from the first wife. She told him no, and asked him to chose between herself and his unborn child, or the new woman.

He chose the new woman, she says. She, too, has since removed the damning post, along with screencaps containing the alleged conversations between herself and her ex-husband, and replaced it with a post apologizing to the public for airing her grievances, and asking for the public to respect her extended family’s privacy.

Abu is currently in Mecca, and rose to public prominence on media conglomerate Astro’s reality television program Pencetur Ummah, which is a search for the next up-and-coming Islamic teacher.

Kardashians, your move.

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