Apology from reality show judge after backlash for joking about comedienne’s size

Right. Where to begin?

Let’s start with the basics: Big Stage is a relatively popular Malay-language talent reality show, where contestants sing in front of judges Siti Nurhaliza and Faizal Tahir for a chance at glory.

Mark Adam is a Filipino actor and singer, who no one at Coconuts Manila has heard of, but has found a niche and some fanfare here in Malaysia.

Over the weekend, all three appeared on the judges panel of Big Stage, and while we’ve never been quite able to find the Astro Ria channel on our TV, a short excerpt has made its way onto the internet for our collective ire.

And hopefully, a lesson on what is and what is not acceptable.

Behold (and you’re gonna have to watch for yourself, because it is so lame, so unfunny, we can’t be bothered typing it out):


Angry that a grown-ass man decided that national television, in front of a live studio audience was the best time to insult Sherry Alhadad, a popular comedienne, actress and TV host for a few mean-spirited chuckles?

Beside yourself with the fact that it’s 2019, and the fact that one person being bigger than another is still, somehow, something to talk about when you can literally talk about anything else?

Blinking in disbelief that after all of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that a young woman has to go through to make it as a nationally known entertainer, she still has to deal with some jackass’s lame joke?

Yeah, we’re all of those, and so are many, far more eloquent netizens:

Many are praising host Aliff Satar, who jumped in to quickly put Mark back in his place, while also giving Sherry’s talents a shout out.


After all three (Mark, Aliff and Sherry) became trending topics on Twitter this afternoon, Mark finally released a mea culpa via Instagram video, admitting he was wrong, and apologizing:


Better late than never, we guess. Sherry has already accepted his apology, and hopefully we can all just learn that this sh*t ain’t it.


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