‘Sugu Pavithra’ posts first YouTube video sans husband after domestic violence case

Screengrabs of Sugu Pavithra’s video, ‘Dalca tulang kambing.’ Photo: Sugu Pavithra /YouTube
Screengrabs of Sugu Pavithra’s video, ‘Dalca tulang kambing.’ Photo: Sugu Pavithra /YouTube

Popular Malaysian food channel Sugu Pavithra posted a new video last night after recently removing all 98 previously uploaded clips in the wake of the husband’s court case. 

Pavithra, 28, appeared solo in the latest video cooking mutton with lentil curry, or Dalca tulang kambing, which is a first for the channel that usually showed husband M Sugu, 29, helping her to prepare the ingredients and serve the meals. 

The usual sight of the videos ending with the family dining together was also excluded.  

“Hello everyone. Today, we will be cooking the easiest and yummiest dalca tulang kambing. Let’s have a look at the ingredients,” Pavithra was heard at the beginning. The clip has since racked up more than 200,000 views.

Sugu had pleaded not guilty to weapons possession and causing injury to his wife with a mobile phone and a sickle while under the influence of alcohol. Pavithra herself had reported him to the police but has since forgiven him and retracted her police report. However, the court case is ongoing and scheduled to be heard again on Aug. 17. 

The couple rose to fame amid the national lockdown that began in March for their mostly wholesome videos featuring simple and traditional Malaysian recipes cooked by the soft-spoken Pavithra. She normally explains the dishes in fluent Bahasa Malaysia.

Nearly 800,000 people subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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