BBC chef to cook rice with Malaysian YouTuber who roasted her

Nigel Ng aka ‘Uncle Roger’ reacting to BBC Food’s egg fried rice video (left) and Nigel Ng meets up with Hersha Patel (right). Photos: Nigel Ng /Youtube and Hersha Patel /Instagram
Nigel Ng aka ‘Uncle Roger’ reacting to BBC Food’s egg fried rice video (left) and Nigel Ng meets up with Hersha Patel (right). Photos: Nigel Ng /Youtube and Hersha Patel /Instagram

London-based Malaysian YouTuber Nigel Ng aka “Uncle Roger,” met up with BBC chef Hersha Patel over the weekend, weeks after he roasted her on YouTube over an “egg fried rice” recipe that drew flak. 

According to an Instagram post by Patel two days ago, the pair met up amicably over dinner to discuss a potential video collaboration with each other. 

“Go follow her. Hersha is really good, she’s a great presenter, funny, but don’t post anything mean on her Instagram, all right? Otherwise, Uncle Roger will come for you,” Ng was heard saying in the video post.

The 29-year-old confirmed that he and Patel will be collaborating on a new video soon, where the TV presenter will show the audience how she cooks rice.

“Uncle Roger’s next video will be Uncle Roger going to Hersha’s place, and she will be showing Uncle Roger how to make rice the right way, the Indian way,” he said.

The YouTuber earlier reacted to a BBC Food video in which Patel was seen cooking fried rice in a way that had horrified many viewers including Ng himself. In the clip, Patel was seen draining cooked, wet rice with a colander and washing it with water, after it had been cooked.

Not only did she add more steps to cooking rice, she even made it look disgusting to many people. Ng’s Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice video was posted earlier this month but only went viral last week and has racked up more than five million views since. 

“You’re ruining the rice. First, you use colander to drain the rice and then you put water then why bother drying the rice?” Ng could be heard saying. While Ng’s video went viral, Patel soon became the target for Internet trolls.

“Whilst this guy’s blown up like nobody’s business, I’ve been trolled,” Patel said in the same video, clarifying that she does know how to cook rice.

“I was doing a job for BBC presenting their recipes. I know how to cook rice, and that’s all I’m saying,” she added.

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