Radio DJ who laughed at science teacher’s pronunciation ‘taking a break’

Screenshots of TikTok video showing DJ Yusuf laughing at the science teacher. Photos: Ssupyusuf/TikTok
Screenshots of TikTok video showing DJ Yusuf laughing at the science teacher. Photos: Ssupyusuf/TikTok

UPDATE: Joke’s on you: DJ Yusuf resigns from HitzFM Sarawak

A radio DJ in Sarawak is taking a break from work after a TikTok video of himself laughing at a science teacher’s manner of speaking on national television got him into hot water. 

Muhammad Yusuf Shukri, or DJ Yusuf, deleted the video when criticism was leveled against him on Twitter and his social media pages. HitzFM in Sarawak, said in private replies to one critic today that it was aware of the incident and that the 29-year-old was taking a break from work.

“We will look into the matter and until then, the announcer will be taking a break from being on-air,” HitzFM Sarawak wrote. Yusuf goes on air from 3pm to 8pm on weekdays.

The nearly a minute-long clip was posted yesterday and showed Yusuf laughing to a clip of the primary school teacher talking about human reproduction on the newly launched DidikTV

When the teacher said, “You can see that human[s] reproduce by giving birth,” Yusuf guffawed and added the caption “bird” in the video, which many thought was an idiotic thing to do. 

“This ladies and gentlemen; is a moron,” Twitter user Amer_aljeffrey wrote today with a copy of the video. 

Former Astro Radio CEO Jake Abdullah even chimed in, saying: “I would have sacked him for this.”

Neither Yusuf nor HitzFM Sarawak responded to Coconuts’ request for further comment.

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