Goodbye Ntv7: TV hosts, anime fans bid farewell after 23 years

Ntv7 broadcast screen surrounded by anime characters Doraemon, Pikachu, and Sailor Moon. Photo: Coconuts
Ntv7 broadcast screen surrounded by anime characters Doraemon, Pikachu, and Sailor Moon. Photo: Coconuts

Celebrities and anime fans of Ntv7 are paying farewell tributes to the television channel before it ends its 23-year broadcast tomorrow. 

TV hosts Adibah Noor and Sarimah Ibrahim, who used to be famous faces on the channel during the noughties, were among those who dedicated heartfelt messages to the multilingual station today before it transformed into educational channel DidikTV. 

“Thank you team #NTV7.. mostly the previous crew during AIM was always hosted by NTV7, and so many more shows before this. thanks for having me then,” Adibah, 50, said on Twitter, referring to the Music Industry Awards, adding:  “Although many of you don’t work there any more, the memories and good times will live on. i will never forget the love.”

Owned by major media company Media Prima, Ntv7 first went on air April 7, 1998 and was known for screening anime, hosting AIM from 2001 to 2010, and broadcasting English-language shows like Phua Chu Kang and Bones. It largely became a shopping-slash-educational channel in the last four years. 

“Goodbye @ntv7malaysia. Where I started my local TV career in 1998,” Sarimah posted in an Instagram story today. The 42-year-old began her career there when she hosted the RIM Chart Show for the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia.

Ntv7 also has a place in the hearts of Malaysian anime fans as it used to broadcast Japanese animations such as Doraemon, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon on weekends.

“Thank you NTV7 for brightening my childhood with all the cartoons and anime in there,” Twitter user @uminyeon wrote.

“Goodbye childhood memories,” @Dnialhaikl said in a tweet compiling photos and names of animes on Ntv7 throughout the years.

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