Isma Yusof tells ‘wooden’ actors to go for classes and not learn on set

Isma Yusoof in a February photo. Photo: Isma Yusoof/Instagram
Isma Yusoof in a February photo. Photo: Isma Yusoof/Instagram

Malaysian actor Isma Yusoof has some words for people in the industry who can’t act, and boy, it ain’t pretty. 

The 38-year-old went on Instagram Sunday telling the more than 50 thousand followers that those who rely on good looks to survive in Malaysia’s television and movie industry should seriously consider going back to acting school. The 11-minute rant was filmed in My heartfelt words to WOODEN actors in Malaysia, which has been viewed more than 90,000 times since it went up. 

Isma was describing stiff actors as “wooden.”

“These new actors expect to learn how to act when they get to the shooting location, but that’s where they’re wrong,” the video went. “You learn stuff in school. The shooting location is for work. We’re paying you.”

The actor continued: “I think it’s the problem with our industry … Producers also pick out new actors after they’ve won beauty pageants like the Teen Hero or Teen Goddess. Maybe it’s because they’re good-looking, but please go for acting classes before taking on big roles.”

While Isma did not namedrop anyone, the transgender star is currently directing the Shah Alam 40k TV series featuring Rita Rudaini, Umie Aida, and Anna Jobling, who competed in the 2019 Teen Goddess beauty pageant before venturing into acting.

The Dilarang Masuk (No Entry) actor also called out the entertainment industry for casting mostly fair-skinned people for protagonist roles.

“Why does the Malaysian TV industry only want to cast people with fair skin and eurocentric noses as the hero or heroine, even though their acting sucks?” Isma asked, adding: “I feel sorry for the people who actually went to acting school, learned how to act and have the passion for it but do not get chosen because they don’t look the part.”

Isma ended the video by unboxing a Barbie doll and advised new actors to learn the skill before coming on set.

“Acting is not just about reading the script and delivering lines. Please learn how to act.”


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