Guests took off masks to pose for photos at fashion show, says KL designer

Fashion bosses Nur Liyana and Muhammad Hafiz (middle) posing for photos at the end of the event. Photo:
Fashion bosses Nur Liyana and Muhammad Hafiz (middle) posing for photos at the end of the event. Photo:

UPDATE: KL fashion show suspected of violating COVID-19 measures under police probe

A day after a fashion show in Kuala Lumpur drew flak for not ensuring that guests were wearing face masks and practising social distancing, the designer of the brand came out to point fingers at the audience. 

Nur Liyana Abdul Rahman, who is the designer and founder of local brand Leeyanarahman Collection, defended the event last night, saying that COVID-19 measures were put in place, including contact tracing efforts and temperature checks. However, guests had decided to remove masks when taking photos, according to her.  

The 29-year-old did not comment on why some members of the audience had remained maskless while watching the Glorious Raya 2021 fashion show, which was live-streamed. She also did not mention anything about a video circulating of her husband and business partner Muhammad Hafiz joking about the event starting a new COVID-19 cluster. 

“When the guests came it, most of them took off their masks to take photos,” the designer wrote on Instagram last night. The event took place at the Glam Hall event space on Wednesday. Liyana had also shared photos of staff registering guests and wearing masks as evidence to support her claim. According to her, 200 people had attended the event, around half of the maximum capacity allowed for the venue.


Screenshot of the post by Nur Liyana. Photo: Yaana.lee/Instagram

Private events like fashion shows can continue to take place in Malaysia with a police permit. Organizers are required to ensure that guests are socially distanced and wear masks at all times.

Under Malaysia’s COVID-19 regulations, those caught without wearing masks in public face RM10,000 (US$2,500) fines. 

Malaysia has reported 338,168 COVID-19 cases and 1,248 deaths.

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