Chanel’s Coco Game Center is open to the public until May 13

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the recently launched Chanel pop-up, the Coco Game Center.

If you’re thinking that this involves picking Chanel’s legendary Vamp nail polish out of a color line-up – you’re wrong. Although, this sounds like a game we might be good at.

Coco Game Center is a Japanese-inspired beauty and arcade pop-up, right in the center of the city.

Turns out, there is a little something for everyone, including arcade race car games, arcade ping pong, and ever the ever so delightful, claw machine. Prizes include free samples (yes, please), little trinkets (our friend won a necklace that they refused to trade for a sample overnight mask), and coupons for a drink at the bar.

To say that we were over-excited about our rounds on the claw machine is an understatement: By the third token we had spent, we already had a strategy, and obnoxiously offered tips to first-timers.

Pro claw machine tip: Always aim for the highest peak of prize. Trying to get a bauble from the trough is near impossible.

The space right across from the Standard Charter building along Jalan Sultan Ismail, and if you’re wondering what was there before – apparently a Limkokwing University café. Crazy.

Look at how lush the décor is:

There are displays of their skincare, makeup and fragrances. The staff totally have no problem with you lingering and encourage you to try out the different products. DO YOU HEAR THAT BEAUTY COUNTERS? This is what people want, friendly staff who don’t follow you around under the suspicion you might steal a tester.

While you’re thinking that this is the kind of thing that is available only to Instagram influencers, and unkempt editors (Hi, nice to meet you) you’re wrong: It’s open to the public until May 13.

You only need to RSVP here!! Slots are still available, so HURRY.

Warning: We went in thinking it would be fun, games and a few free canapes. We ended up dropping way too much money on the new Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipsticks, in two shades not completely discernible to the naked eye. YOLO. Enjoy.

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