What did you say?! International silent disco party comes to Hong Kong this month

Are you itching to dance but sick of having your eardrums assaulted by sound so loud it shakes your very organs? Here’s your fix.

On July 18, people from dozens of cities around the world will plug in their headphones, play a downloaded 90 minute mix, and party all over their respective cities.

To passersbys not in the know, it will probably look like a bunch of people wearing headphones acting like idiots. To you, it could be one of the best party experiences you will ever have.

Imagine listening to thumping beats while dancing your way through IFC past a bunch of stuffy bankers and businessmen. Say “yes” to sticking it to the man!

The only rule is that there aren’t no rules. Stay safe while traversing across the town and silently partying your butt off! 

What: Global Float: Hong Kong’s Epic Silent Dance Party
When: 9pm to 10:30pm, Saturday, July 18
Where: Pier No. 9, Central
Price: FREE!

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